Example uberIDs: 195960695805548 208980436902250 221960053710277 212980657504573

Hector Regions are: H01:[8.6,21.9],[-35,-29] H03:[38.2,51.8],[-30,-29]

Example uberIDs: 226010294408645.00 200970036209528 170980521807088 219000070808442

Hector Regions are: H01:[8.6,21.9],[-35,-29] H03:[38.2,51.8],[-30,-29]

WAVES DMUs available for direct download

Preliminary input catalogues for WAVES wide (i.e., waves-n and waves-s) and WAVES deep (i.e., waves-deep) are available via Dropbox Download. Note that deep is just an RA, Dec subset of wide. These catalogues are still being tweaked but are now under version control. To use these catalogues for science don't forget to select only duplicate=0 objects to avoid double selecting objects from the overlap regions. Ultimately these catalogues are built from the ~1200 one sq degree tiles available from the Tile Downloader tab.

The catalogue files are *very large* and the largest catalogues may not download. To help we've broken waves-n and waves-s into 1 degree declinations stripes. Hence waves-n_0.1.fst is the full waves wide north catalogue [29GB] ,and waves-n_0.1_2.5.fst is the catalogue extending from +3 to +2 in declination [4GB] etc waves-nb_0.1 is a bright catalogue with a cut at r<21.5 mag. waves-deep.fst is the deep catalogue only.

Both fst and fits versions are available for all files

> Dropbox download directory for input catalogues (Temporarily disabled while we update - give us a week!



The panels above shows the waves wide catalogues, highlight the GAIA star-masking and faint filamentary large-scale structure.


WAVES mock catalogues are available for direct download (curtesy SHARK simulations)

> Dropbox download directory for waves mock catalogues